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Kay Griggs Speaks Audiocast 1997


Reviewer: RogueTitle50-vs-realUSAR - - February 7, 2013
Subject: You should know what Kay knows
Her credentials are sound. Her family connections are documented. Her presentation is riveting, once it starts. But the information itself will blow your mind. It is, it was, ...just too much ...when it first came out. The Franklin scandal (Franklin cover up). was only a small part of the problem, the black collar crimes of the Vatican are only a different part, but rogue elements in the military have total clearance for abuse and psyops . Believe the witnesses. They are far more credible than the professional disinfo personel hired by the top media networks. Sadly, we know more now. But for someone like Kay who came from one of the top families to actually speak out in this manner takes courage beyond description. There is a lot of material here dealing with mind-control and those techniques. And the issues dealing with intelligence, handlers, the apparatus for truth repression (Media = censors) are addressed in the context of people who run these rings and these networks on an international level. So it affects not only America, but the rest of the world as well.

Its the European ; Aristocracy that is still running everything and reaching into society to commit crime after crime, abuse after abuse, especially on the young. All of Europe knows it, and many know it here also. These are the ones who are pulling the levers of secrecy and classification and duty assignments, even within USAR. Did they really think people wouldn't know or realize ? Nato is about protecting predators... no one is fooled by the uniform, thanks to the disgrace of how many leaders have behaved. Petraeus tried to do the right thing, eventually he was psy-oped and then it was used against him. That is how these guys operate.

It is true, in the matter even of corruption of the law (to prevent Constitutional enforcement) Many Judges in the Judicial branch come from cover-up training, doing JAG duty that already were protecting the bad guys within the military. So they are trying to import that hidden military system from the military into the civilian Judicial branch also. Kay's husband did do some termination work for DOD, (to put it midly), but this stretches all the way [Direct dnld zip 97mb] from USMC (Marines) into Special Forces community and straight to the Top, where the Generals and the Army actually believe that they do run the world, and soon they will...even officially. Forget about martial law, the question is what do these guys do (Cathy), once they have the power ? If you care about America, if you want your nation to even have the smallest chance of survival, you had better find out what has and continues to take place. The issues reaches well into the ivy league, starting with princeton (and the Rockefellers usually attend princeton, even though they fund many other institutions ).

Its not that all of the old families are bad. That is not the case, but many of them have some branches that today, have defected to the New World Order . or read the Earlier invitation H G Wells received . The other branches of those families keep fighting against that, and those conflicts take place every day away from the public. There are also those children, who know and realize that some of their parents truly are evil and demonic, and those children speak out and try to fight against that evil – and this also is not much publicized. (One example of this is Antony LaVey who is a Christian. He is the son of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan/Set ). There are thankfully also, many other examples.

This material that Kay reveals fills in so many gaps, and has so many answers, that it almost leaves you speechless. No one will thank Kay, it is a extremely lonely road that she chose. But she did the right thing, and obviously because she loved this nation beyond her own life, and beyond her own circusmstances. You know that there are many, thousands, who know what is going on but still are too afraid. If Kay can do it, so can you. Get some courage, stop trying to shield these evil ; Killers ; who run these rings with blackmail ops to manipulate politicians, and start making your voice heard. And those of you who know what is going on, do you really think that you are going to have any pension, any funds left, or any refuge of any kind in a few years ? You who have witnessed these things are all expendable... your own hope is to speak out. So save yourself and your nation, and start doing the right thing.

Then there is whom all this serves. It is run in tandem with the Royal houses of Europe, the branches that have defected to Lucifer-Satan. ( You can bet it always involves the Battenburg/Prince Philip line and then always also Beatrix Netherlands (Bilderberg) line). Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is just the exterior overlay. They run hybrid-breeding programs, (with a lot of help from the false royalty of the The House of Windsor ) and the political psychologists who direct the RIIA / Rhodes Scholar / Round Table / the British Elite Establishment groups), while they try to maintain contact with disembodied malefic spirits

The higher levels of the darkness interface directly, but the lower levels such as 4 star generals try to interface sometimes through mind control systems, not that they need to. [Yes, we all know about the generals, their underground cities, and their human-alien-bloodline genetic misbreading programs, etc,]. And they run their false invention-discovery programs through SRI, Darpa, Esalen [where they release technology that is 50 to 75 yrs old, and pretend its new ] and a thousand other front systems. A Lot of this is actually run OUT OF WESTPOINT , (when its not being run of Yale-Princeton_Harvard and Penn (What network do you think that Football coach in Pennsylvania was actually connected to, wake up people – 99% of that will all be left in don't know aren't fast don't care enough... ). You keep thinking you can preserve yourself by staying neutral and enjoy your shrinking middle are dreaming...your assets have already been have already been assigned a new cozy small place in a little room with lots of bars and no windows...your wife if she lives will live out her life south of the border working in a totally different capacity...shall we say...but you just keep thinking you have freedom left and years to keep stalling you keep you can go back to your beer and Football hero worship substitute for the Real fight. Wstpoint which has imported mind control experts to mislead the younger. Think Barry McCaffrey as he explains to the military officer classes the supposed necessity of forcible gun confiscation...Cant you tell its for your benefit that we must violate your rights, your life, your wife, and train you (civilian) not to fight ?

Of course for your husband who is enlisted active duty, he will have to take his 26 vaccines, and when he comes home, his brain turned to mush, then only then... will one or two wake up, sure to be opposed by all their family members who say they only love this country, so the Generals therefore couldn't possibly be satanists, could they ? Ohh...oops... War on drugs, my foot, you mean war using drugs and protecting the supply lines, don't you barry ??? who Barry works for [ See Alfred McCoy Politics of H in Asia as prototype ] ) These people don't retire, they simply switch hats... we got it. Go back and read the work about John M. Keynes, and he explains how they used to go child-hunting, when they were not attending their economic steal-the-wealth international conferences .

Carefull, you take this back far enough, and that will lead you right back to Cambridge, where Crowley was one of the interlinks between GD/OTO and the Milner Intel set, as well as the continuation of Westcott-Hort subversion into modern versions. Leadbetter (Theosophy) was a willing participant with the children in his networks, but it was too much for GRS Mead (Gnostic possessed secretary to HPB), though Mead still found enough time to be mentor to C Jung. Krishnamurti, when he was a young boy, was abused by Leadbetter, maybe that was a Key factor (though denied by all) WHY he refused his role as the New Christ-Matreya, all the way back in 1929. Go read what the Harvard litterary set had to say in praise of Ginsburg [poet] and then tell me that no one knows , and everyone is horrified.

Who is kidding who ? Its there in their published magazines in black & white. No, the people who are scandalized are those who have a moral compass, who know right from wrong, who love the nation, who remember history . and who want to do what is right, real Americans, not like the kind who have mostly taken over Westpoint and are always talking about Plato (and the duty to impose martial law and to rule over the civilians ). Its not Plato's philosophy of governance they worship, it was his addiction to children. These new leaders have no clue what right is, or how to find it. When you start talking about morality, righteousness, the Founding Fathers ,

Christianity, or History (the known or the hidden ) and Heritage of the country, they become very very upset (especially if they are Cherry Marines)...yes, I AM referring to American Military Officers, in uniform and on active duty. We're not talking about the ones who are sheep dipped, but many of them are not so, until they have been psyoped and tested, especially to operate against civilians. Has a navy seal ever heard of the Constitution ? Ever since the Days of Marcinko, (and the Navy (read Satanist brass ? ) tried to do a job on him, because he insisted on doing what was right)

Not many seem to know anything about ; History ; , Christianity ;, the Second Treatise of Government by John Locke , or the Federalist Papers . They have read nothing of either John Adams or Samuel ; Adams . They have never heard about Jurisdiction ; of the ; individual ; states ;, or that the powers not expressly delegated to the Feds are reserved to the states or to the people, as power legally is derived only from the just consent of those governed. Just because you pretend the Constitution does not exist, does not make that true.

They don't know what the words Common Law mean. They don't have a clue about who Thomas Paine ; was, or who founded their own nation - (This one ) at Plymouth. And of course, there are those officers who do know what is going on, but are horrified. God help them, and God help them help to stand the ship of state back on its course. We can only thank the rank-and-file soldiers and the millions who DID take the trouble to learn what the fight actually was about, and what was worth preserving. You won't find many books about liberty and Freedom on the recommended reading lists of the JCS or the others. Mostly the Amoral Army leaders today, is about tactics, but NOT about moral judgements, (and never about the Christian ; God) ) unless a book is filled with multicultural which asserts that all gods are equal, all cultures are equal, propaganda which is absurd. ( Where myths of the gods actually come from )
Most of the pagan gods when you study them do not claim to be equal. Did Zeus ever claim to want to be equal to a lesser god ? None of them claimed to be equal. What they actually claim is to be evil , to be selfish, and to do bad and harmful things to humans. Study their mythologies. That is what pagan gods are like. Evil spirits DO evil things, and their followers act as they do.

Where is the surprise ? But at least officers can resign their commissions and speak out, if they have actual courage. Or they can stay in and actually work for change, and understand the difference between evil command decisions and lawful orders. The problem is that most officers are themselves trying to keep away from moral judgement. On purpose they do not want to study to learn the difference between what is a Constitutional order, and what is a world order that favors tyranny ( Despotism ) ; on purpose they stay away from thinking; on purpose they try Not to think about the bigger picture, or how those of a higher rank got to where they are today. They don't want to think about knowing about how globalism harms America, and how the destruction of American Law, Bill of Rights and the Constitution, is actually the destruction or dismantling of America. We are not a nation of laws when the Pentagon, DoD and the military routinely disobey the constitution, and prepare to institute measures against the American people.

Why do many Rank-and-file officers on active duty in the American Military run away from thinking ? Why are they running away from having the courage to say that the commands they are following are wrong, and those commands are to be disobeyed and their own leaders should be tried ? There are many Americans who HAVE stood up to the ROGUE elements within the Military who are using their power to destroy the nation, the people, and Freedom. Too many Military Officers – leaders by definition - are refusing, by choice of cowardice, to refuse to study history , to refuse to study globalism, to refuse to study the The history of banking . , the history of the First or Second Bank of the United States, or who Andrew Jackson was fighting. Many refuse to study the path of Michael New , who refused to put on the patch of the United Nations. And who is an officer these days, who does not realize, that working for Nato or the United Nations, is a ticket to a higher rank ? After all, the Military thrives on support of contractors who abuse the American system and the American taxpayer over and over. Actually facing that pain, and learning about it, would be a step of courage in the right direction. If Westpoint is not corrupt, then how is it no one from Westpoint will step in and stop the contracting corruption ? When is the last time anyone from Westpoint ever stood up and went against the system , either as an officer or as one of the instructors ?? It is time to make a different choice. Or do you all plan on exercising your own freedoms, during retirement down the road, in the context of dictatorships and forced labor & disposal camps ?

That code of silence is seductive especially because its all in the family, (yes, many many who have their hands in the taxpayer-cookie-jar ARE related to each other) but its especially in the families of those who thrive on doing wrong. And this SAME truth ALSO applies to the contracts in times of disaster where Military contractors are invited to act as Proxies for FEMA and DHS. The same harm and abuse continues, even in the face of disaster. That is a disgrace. No one can do everything, but many officers who would speak out together, or file lawsuits together could do a great deal of good, regardless of the official cover-ups.

In anycase, There are others who do speak out. Some explanations will tell you how this works, but Kay tells you some of the why. She talks about what came out of Germany after WWII. Others like another eyewitness, actually have some of leaders on audio & video . But all of these pieces do fit together, and they all tell you that its much later than you think. The least you can do is learn what you can. And you people who call yourselves Christian have no excuse for NOT knowing this material. (not to mention the bigger picture .

You should be the ones helping, the ones reaching out to the hurting, the ones getting trained up , the ones who step up to the plate, the ones who find inner strength ; within ; so you can share it with others. Of course, millions think they are christians when they are not , but most who call themselves that don't even read their new testament .

They are asleep in a coma (They are part of FGW – Future Goats of the World- matt 24) . They know nothing about their heritage or the sacrifice that others paid for their freedom Freedom is not Free. If you are enjoying any Freedom today, it is because many many others, died to give you a chance to have that freedom.

If there ever was a time to stand up , instead of waiting for someone else to do your job and your part, that time is now. There is no one else. The cavalry you are waiting for, its you. If you are reading this page, its you. You're the one, no matter where you are, no matter what you think you can do, or cant. Stop waiting and start doing. Learn learn learn. One individual with courage can make a world of difference , and that is what evil leaders hope you don't learn or realize. Forces are working hard... even right keep you in a state of sleep. Wake Up . Pick up the torch, arm yourself with the spiritual equipment you need, and step onto the field. You only have one life, and it will be short, no matter who you are. Remain lawful in your choices as the Founders did, and wise. Do your homework. Learn, pray, study and memorize. Defect to the light , choose Life and Right, Make your life count for something. Once you have established your new commitment, carry on. Get through this material. Listen and learn. Heaven records that on this day, your eyes came to this page, and you were made aware of this material. Comit to seek truth and to being involved. To the Founding Fathers of this great nation, and to our Lord and Savior, Semper Fidelis.

If you download Kay's presentation(s), you will learn more, about the real military. Her eyewitness reports will definitely open your eyes.

P.S : Note to all Military: Thank you for your service to your nation. We would not wish to diminish the effort and performance of the millions of men and women who have suffered very seriously with all manners of injuries, as a result of trying to do the right, trying to help others, and performing the legitimate tasks assigned to them by the various commands and branches of the Armed Forces. Thank you for standing up for freedom. Many vets DO understand that they had to fight on the battlefield, and now that they are home, they must learn to stand up for liberty, Freedom and the Constitution in a totally different environment. The entire nation can only thank you for the immense sacrifice and personal investment you have already made INTO the preservation of Freedom that Civilians enjoy thanks to you, and your efforts and service. 98 % of those who are or have served in the Armed Force are extraordinary people, oustanding individuals of high moral fiber, dedication and motivation. We can only hope that more of you will be willing to take a stand and challenge unlawful orders and those issued in contravention to the Constitution.

Even situations where operations are conducted without review in compartmentalized situations, Commanders are still required to obey the Constitution and they are still forbidden to violate the rights of the Free Inhabitants and the people of the United States. When commanders issue unlawful orders, obtain documentation, get them to sign the orders, and document what they are doing. The purpose of the U.C.M.J. is only to implement the Constitution, NOT to overthrow or over-ride it. People in the military want respect for the military, yet too many within are allowing themselves to be used to do wrong. Where this is the case, then why is it that the Institution would be deserving of respect, since it seems to foster greater evil and more serious deprivation of rights, each month ??? Imagine the courage it would take for an officer instead of resigning his commission, to go public and be a consciencious objector ? The options are limited only by your commitment to truth and justice, whatever commitment that is.

Many commanders above you, will take your good intentions and turn them upside down and cause you do to many things that harm the American people, and the longer you wait the worse it will be. We can only hope you will find the same courage as a brave woman, Kay Griggs. IF ONLY we could have real men step forward and show at least the same courage, the same willingness to invest in American Freedom, the same Courage to do what is right, knowing that others will not understand, and those that do will try to do you ill, and distort what you are saying and the reasons for your courageous choice. You did say you were willing to give your life for your country, did you not ???

Actions which are un-constitutional are null and void. Sometimes commanders hope you will forget the ultimate reality: Each individual as a civilian OUTRANKS the Highest Generals, the militarization of society notwithstanding. Many of the generals these days are glorified paper-pushers, who have obtained their higher ranks by pledging allegiance to almost anyone EXCEPT to the people and to the Constitution. The generals are seduced both by power and by the false teaching about how the world would simply be a better place if Americans would disarm, trust the globalists and invite Islamist or Communist peacekeepers into the American Heartland, in the name of safety, naturally. We must resist the lies and falsehoods coming from the Political Commissars who are teaching in most of the Military Graduate Schools and the International programs. The goal of these systems is get us to forget American History and Heritage. The first step is awareness of conditions around us.

1776 not 1984...
Reviewer: vacantstare - - February 5, 2013
Subject: What did she know...and what did she tell ??
The short answer is plenty !

Listen to Kay, then get and read the other material and make up your own mind.

The NWO . ;

The soon arriving New Dark Ages .

The story of those who run the world's news and finances and how they do it .

What do they really do .

What do they really want (the young ones) . ; , what she saw & said . ;

The classic . ; standby .

no reading . ; about islam . ; - tlmd . ; or allah .

How they try to capture history .

The disclosures that bothers them the most .

The spiritual aspects (your soul) . ; and side-effects of globalism ( = totalitarian .)

Who runs the show . ;
Waiting until its too late .

31 Thirty-one Key Questions . ;
and options for remedies .

Hollywood . reality

Want to hear their own confession . ?

All of these books . ; are worth reading. That does not mean that everyone . ; agrees with everything . ;

It means that these are starting points (la aristocracia) . ;
to help us learn. Good luck ..

Those who are on the side of the common man do not object to the facts coming out. Those who are in favor of Free Speech do not try to practice censorship. Those who are truly free thinkers... allow free thinking.

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